Dan Frommer

The New Consumer is a new publication covering the intersection of technology and consumer brands, founded and edited by longtime digital journalist Dan Frommer — that’s me.

I’m excited to focus my attention on how and why people spend their time and money, as technology continues to profoundly change how things are created, experienced, bought, and sold.

I’m just getting started, but I’m building The New Consumer to be most useful to executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who focus on e-commerce, consumer brands, and marketing, and anyone who wants to know what’s next. If you care about — or compete with — Amazon, Instagram, Warby Parker, Sweetgreen, or Gimlet, you’ll definitely want to read.

I’m also doing this because I believe independent, member-supported publishing is the best and most interesting place to be in the media business. You have plenty of options for robotic, commodity news. I hope The New Consumer offers a unique, useful lens on the world for years to come.

About Dan Frommer

Before starting The New Consumer, I was the Editor in Chief at Recode, Vox Media’s tech and business news publication. Earlier in my career, I helped create Business Insider as its second employee. I’ve also been the technology editor at Quartz and a reporter at Forbes. Originally from Chicago, and now based in Los Angeles, I graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

I also publish Points Party, a newsletter and website about travel rewards, credit card points, and loyalty programs — subscribe for free! And occasionally, I co-host a podcast about fashion and tech, The Needle and the Mouse, with my wife, fashion journalist Lauren Sherman. I’m active on Twitter and Instagram.

Ethics Statement

In addition to The New Consumer, I operate a small consultancy, Semirelated, focused on strategy for media and media-adjacent organizations, fractional Editor in Chief work, and research for investors. I also now offer Advisory services through The New Consumer. (In addition to my writing and research, I’d like to spend more of my time getting closer to the metal — turning ideas into action.)

While most clients are confidential, I will generally not write about them — and, if so, will always disclose any conflicts of interest.

I don’t own stock in individual companies, and certainly not companies I cover. I do have some retirement and investment accounts, but I don’t directly manage their holdings.


I’m making this for you! Please send feedback or questions to dan@newconsumer.com.

Get Involved

The New Consumer is a newsletter and website supported primarily by your membership. I am now also offering a limited number of sponsorships — get in touch to learn more.

My long-term goal is to build a vibrant community of professionals in the “new consumer” industries — more on that as I get started. Thanks in advance for your support.