Consumer Trends: TriNet PeopleForce 2023

Dan Frommer

Hi, it’s Dan Frommer. Is anything hotter this year than AI, weight-loss drugs, and the economy?

I’m excited to share a new Consumer Trends report, my latest collaboration with Coefficient Capital — as featured at TriNet PeopleForce.

  • An 80-slide presentation looking toward what’s next.
  • Topics include: How consumers are thinking about (and using) generative AI tools, how they think about booming weight-loss drugs like Ozempic, and how they’re feeling about their financial outlook.
  • Also, two highlights from recent reports: How the Digital Natives — Gen. Z and Millennials — think differently. And how Gen. Z loves TikTok the most.
  • Results from our latest original Consumer Trends survey of more than 3,000 US consumers, in partnership with Toluna.

You can flip through the presentation — embedded here — or download it as a pdf.

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