Dan Frommer
Photo: Charles Aydlett

The New Consumer Advisory is a subscription to my — Dan Frommer’s — time: Monthly private sessions where we’ll talk about what’s most important to you and your business. We can discuss opportunities, review work, refine strategy, build conviction, and figure out what’s next.

My goal here is to help entrepreneurs, executives, and investors solve problems — and get ahead of the future — with my unique expertise, point of view, and network in the tech, venture capital, media, and consumer industries.

Advisory is an extension of two services: The Office Hours I’ve offered regularly to members — always fascinating and productive conversations — and the consulting practice I’ve also operated for four years, focused on research and strategy projects for investors and founders.

Who’s this for? Some ideas:

  • Early- to growth-stage consumer, tech, or media founders looking for a trusted adviser on a variety of topics, from fundraising to content strategy
  • Investors looking for an independent thinker to help vet specific deal opportunities or explore new sectors, verticals, or models
  • Executives looking to build their profile in the business community through guided strategy in building relationships with journalists and publishing
  • Product leaders looking for ongoing feedback on new concepts, features, and strategy
  • Executive teams looking to get out of their bubble with a private, customized, data-driven monthly discussion on consumer trends
  • Agency leaders looking for an independent and confidential sounding board on clients, ideas, and pitches
  • Marketers looking to build prominence and drive leads through data storytelling
  • Editorial executives looking for a silent partner in identifying the stories, trends, models, and talent worth pursuing

Why this model? In addition to my writing and research, I’d like to spend more of my time getting closer to the metal — turning ideas into action, which is ultimately what matters.

For the right partners, I’d be thrilled to assign you a portion of my brain, bringing creative ideas and everything (and everyone) I know to our professional relationship.

In this first phase, I’m interested in working with a very small number of people and businesses on longer-term commitments of six months or more.

Please reach out if you’re interested — I’m — and we’ll set up an introductory conversation to discuss fit, goals, process, and rates.