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Hi, I’m Dan Frommer and this is The New Consumer, a publication about how and why people spend their time and money.

I’m a longtime tech and business journalist, and I’m excited to focus my attention on how technology continues to profoundly change how things are created, experienced, bought, and sold. The New Consumer is a newsletter and website supported entirely by your membership.

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  • We like clean lines, accelerating growth, Japanese Frappuccinos, and stunning execution.
  • Correspondence is always encouraged — we work for you. (We, for now, is me, btw. But big ambition!)

I’m also doing this because I believe independent, member-supported publishing is the best and most interesting place to be in the media business. You have plenty of options for robotic, commodity news. I hope The New Consumer offers a unique, useful lens on the world for years to come. Thanks in advance for your support.

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