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Introducing the Consumer Trends 2021 report

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated huge shifts in consumer spending and behavior. Which will stick?

Consumer Trends Report 2021
I made you some charts.

I’m excited to share a big project I’ve been working on for the past few months: The inaugural Consumer Trends report, in collaboration with Coefficient Capital.

This was a year like none other. The Covid-19 pandemic flipped everything upside down, accelerating a bunch of trends and flattening others. You don’t need me to tell you that people bought a lot of toilet paper and pizza. But which of the 2020 consumer behaviors are going to stick?

Consumer Trends is a 102-slide presentation that you can view and download for free (registration required), highlighting the year’s most important and interesting trends in food and beverage, beauty, fitness, e-commerce, and more. (Inspired, of course, by analyst and investor Mary Meeker’s legendary Internet Trends report.)

  • Topics include the shift to online grocery (and what it means), unbundling the shopping cart, what Millennials and Gen. Z prefer about 2020 living, and why DTC is here to stay.
  • Custom data on consumer spending and foot traffic provided by Earnest Research — special thanks.
  • Results from our new, original Consumer Trends survey of more than 3,500 US consumers, in partnership with Toluna.

I’ll also be going deeper into many of these topics for members over the coming weeks. And I plan to keep this project going, with updates, spinoffs, and zoom-ins. So if you’re new to The New Consumer, please consider joining as a member.

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