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The Executive Briefing

The core member benefit today is exclusive access to the twice-weekly Executive Briefing, via email newsletter and the web. Each briefing covers roughly one to three topics and is designed to be read on a smartphone.

Like everything we do, the Executive Briefing focuses on the most interesting and innovative companies, people, products, and trends, analyzing what’s working (and what isn’t!), why things are changing, how to think of the news, and where things are going next.

Recent standout issues include analyzing a new “virtual” restaurant business from YouTube sensation MrBeast, a 3,000-word deep dive into new digitally enabled business models for restaurants, the Peloton age, unbundling the grocery cart, and the new luxury.

Some issues feature longform interviews with interesting founders and entrepreneurs, such as:

Membership also supports the work that goes into our free articles, which are accessible to everyone and reflect our interests and tone: Why natural deodorant is suddenly everywhere, how to talk to your customers about race and racism, why there have been so few billion-dollar acquisitions for direct-to-consumer brands, and how Great Jones, a cookware startup, plans to keep its momentum going after a killer launch. Plus, the Consumer Trends presentation series.

Members already include some of the most successful and influential executives and entrepreneurs in the consumer, technology, and media industries, as well as top investors. My goal is to build long-term professional relationships where I can be a useful research and analysis partner.

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Lifetime: Join for $2,500

Publishing Schedule

In addition to the member-exclusive Executive Briefing, which is published twice per week, I plan to publish free articles on an up-to weekly basis.

Important: This is a one-person operation, and I plan to be doing this for a long time. To keep things sustainable, in addition to most US holidays, I plan to take up to four weeks of vacation per year and up to two weeks for professional development, such as research trips. I may also need to take personal or sick days from time to time.

For 2021, I took the week of March 22 off as vacation, a personal day in early May, plus the weeks of May 10 and 17 as parental leave. I plan to take the weeks of Aug. 16 and 23 off as vacation, plus the week of Dec. 27.

For 2020, I took the weeks of May 25 and Nov. 16 off as vacation, plus the weeks of July 13 and July 20 for professional development. I plan to take the week of Dec. 28 off as well.

For 2019, I took the weeks of July 8 and November 25 off as vacation, plus a few days around the end of December. I also took the week of Nov. 18 off for professional development, in addition to half of the week of June 16.


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