Executive Briefing

The things that inspired me in 2022

A year-end gift guide for the mind.

“Instead of a holiday gift guide,” I wrote near the end of 2019, “here are some of the things that made me smarter this year.” After 2020 and 2021 editions, let’s keep that tradition going again this year.

The shops (and clerks) that actually cared to deliver a delightful experience

Retail started to feel like it was coming back alive this year after a long period of pandemic-forced closures, restrictions, high-strung attitudes, and general awkwardness.

It’s been a real treat to spend time in stores again, seeing products up close, admiring textures and fixtures, and learning about specific features and manufacturing techniques. Aspects of shopping that were previously annoying, like trying on a pair of pants, delivered a novel sense of excitement. Take my shoes off? With pleasure! That won’t last, but it’s been nice.

It’s also now even more clear which brands have been able to staff their shops with people who care about the customer experience, and train their teams about what they sell and how they should sell it.

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