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Introducing the Consumer Trends 2023 Report

The “Covid economy” mostly ended in 2022. But a high level of economic uncertainty continues into 2023.

Consumer Trends 2023

I’m excited to share a new Consumer Trends report, my latest collaboration with Coefficient Capital.

This latest Consumer Trends report is an 88-slide presentation that you can view and download for free, looking toward what’s next.

It’s the latest in our ongoing Consumer Trends series, which has now generated five reports. (All of this continues to be inspired, of course, by analyst and investor Mary Meeker’s legendary Internet Trends report.)

  • Topics include: How consumers are thinking about their health and wellness post-Covid, how TikTok commands Gen. Z’s attention (and drives brand discovery), and how consumers think about celebrity-founded brands. Also: Online grocery, home fitness, and financial well-being.
  • Custom data on consumer spending provided by Earnest Analytics — special thanks again.
  • Results from our fifth original Consumer Trends survey of more than 3,000 US consumers, in partnership with Toluna. Sample insight: 35% of TikTok users say they prepared a food or beverage recipe because of a TikTok video.

I’ll also be exploring many of these topics further for members. And we plan to keep this series going. So if you’re new to The New Consumer, please consider joining as a member.

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